From "Gandacul de Colorado" Romanian-American magazine - Reigniting his acting career, Romanian-American star Tudor Petrut appeared on national television as the principal in a successful ad campaign for Discover Card. Tudor portrayed the likeable but inept "Peggy" in various commercials imagined by The Martin Agency. Produced by Harvest Films, the spots were directed by award winning Baker Smith, and photographed by Eric Treml. Writes the Chicago Sun Times: "The new Discover spots make their point via a customer service agent called Peggy, who is actually a he. Peggy is seen in each spot attempting to deal with a customer who has called a financial institution named USA Prime Credit. In each instance, the interaction with Peggy leads to a situation that is both funny and familiar -- at least to anyone who has struggled to get through to -- and then deal with -- a banking representative. It's a tribute to Martin's skills that the shop has managed to make us laugh at what is, in fact, a hugely frustrating experience for so many, namely the decline of customer service." TV Squad picked "Transfer" as one of the "Top 10 Commercials of 2010"!

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From NARPA/North American Romanian Press Association - We followed Tudor Petrut on the red carpet for the opening of "Ben and Becca", a short film with a big heart. Tudor plays the loud but sympathetic "Alonzo", who towers over the reception of a gloomy hotel. The couple helped by the receptionist are played by Bibi Amos and Brian Krause. We had the opportunity of a moment with the director, Victor Alfieri: "Ben is a successful Washington lawyer, and Rebecca is a medical student from Africa, living in Los Angeles. On her way back from Africa, Rebecca's plane is grounded due to a storm, and she is forced to spend the night in a hotel where she meets Ben. As they have only a day and half until their planes leave, their attraction for each other turns quickly into passionate love. Their relationship shakes Ben's perfect world, a man used to sacrifice everything for his career, now determined to sacrifice everything for love". He added with a big smile: "Tudor was a great addition to the project, he brought the script to life, and his persona enhanced the flow of the story, keeping it grounded". (Odd couple Victor and Tudor, courtesy of MVeB)


  TUDOR is the host of "The Hollywood Minute", part of "Romani de peste mari si tari" on Radio Romania at Timisoara




              Photography courtesy of Discover Card/Martin Agency, xxanado and Ma Vie en Blonde Films, MVeB 2000-2013